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    Posted: Nov 18 2013

    The start of things to come

    When you’re part of a successful cycling team you need to learn to work as one.  The training camp is an instrumental part of bringing everyone together. It’s here where we get a clear picture of every member, their strengths, their weaknesses and their limits. Why? Because in order to succeed, we need to know what the people in our team are capable of. We need to create a hierarchy and minimise internal competition, so the lead roles are clearly given to riders who have demonstrated they’re the best. We need to test riders and identify where they belong in the team, what support they can give their team mates and how they perform under pressure. With this understanding we can bring the best out of each rider for the overall benefit of the team.  

    Being part of a professional team takes grit and determination. Take a look at this video shot at the 2013 Team Youth UK training camp.


    Posted: Nov 17 2013

    2013 – Team UK Youth’s year

    You don’t get to be the number 2 team in Great Britain without a whole lot of hard work, commitment and dedication. Not only did Le Col founder Yanto Barker Captain Team Youth UK in their most successful year ever, he was instrumental in their success winning the UCS Ipswich, Coastal Grand Prix, Suffolk and two other individual rounds in the 2013 Pearl Izumi Tour Series.

    Naturally Team UK Youth wore Le Col but Barker also worked closely with Nigel Mansell and the team’s management designing race strategies. As Captain he developed a close relationship with the team’s coach and helped manage each rider before, during and after each race to ensure everyone competed at their best, both mentally and physically.


    Posted: Nov 14 2013

    Only the best

    If you want to be the best you have to be willing to push yourself that little bit further and that little bit harder. When it comes to Le Col, no detail is too small and no feature too complicated. We literally go that extra mile and spend hours on the road testing new designs and technical features. Why do we do that? Because like any athlete we want to make sure we’re constantly progressing, developing and improving at every opportunity. And when it came to manufacturing, we hand picked a factory that shared our desire and dedication to be the best. Our ‘Made in Italy’ label is important to us because it signifies quality, authenticity and dedication.