Ready for the ride of my life!  Why I chose to join Le Col

After 10 successful years at Sky I wanted the opportunity to use my sales and marketing experience in a young fast growing business.  I reviewed my fair share of business cases and had lots of conversations about ‘disruptive ideas’ and ‘scale-up’ opportunities, before I came across the perfect fit at Le Col.
Early on, I’d received some great advice from an experienced venture capitalist: “You should kiss lots of frogs…yes, obviously identify the ‘winning opportunity’ and run due-diligence over their business plan but just as importantly ensure that the chemistry with the founder is great and find something you are really passionate about”.  Le Col ticked all the boxes for me.
During my time at Sky I’d seen at close quarters the successes of my colleagues at Team Sky and the exponential growth in the cycling industry.  I’d become a keen cyclist during this time and knew first hand that the Le Col product was fantastic because I’d ridden in it (quite slowly) for years, as it happened to be my cycling club’s kit of choice.  Once I’d reviewed the business, I could see the foundations were extremely solid and there was a great platform for accelerated growth.  And, most importantly in a small company, the chemistry and ambition of Yanto and the Le Col team felt like a perfect match.

Yanto has rightly focused his attention on the product over the first few years and his 20 years of pro cycling experience and ‘obsession with perfection’ will ensure Le Col always has the best product in the market.  Yanto only retired from pro cycling this year, and I’m deeply impressed with what he’s achieved already!
Le Col has become an authentic and successful brand without investing a huge amount of effort in the sales and marketing of the product.  So my role will be to scale up the business through an increased focus and investment on these two areas, bringing my own ‘pro’ experience of growing businesses and brands.  I can see a huge opportunity to build brand awareness quickly and efficiently, transform our digital marketing capabilities and create exceptional demand for this superior product.  I’m conscious I’ve got lots to learn about the cycling industry and a whole new network to build, but I’m very optimistic that my experience of successfully building NOW TV & Sky Store will help us transform Le Col into a major player in the global cycling market.
I can’t wait to start in February, and you can join us on the ride as well.  We’ve already raised 95% of our £1m crowdfunding investment to support the next phase of our expansion, but there are still a few days left to invest.  For more information on the opportunity, visit

January 06, 2017 by James Emery
Tags: news