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September saw our ambassador Melanie Alexander and Mark race the Perskindol Swiss Epic, a 6 day stage race in Switzerland as a mixed pair.

"I love the challenges of stage racing and we had a fantastic time racing on the Alpine trails. We even ended up spending the last two stages in the mixed pairs leaders jersey but unfortunately an unfixable mechanical 15 kms from the end of the race resulted in a DNF for us"

"We so enjoyed the competitive racing and fun trails offered by the Swiss Epic that we decided to return this year. The 2016 route ran in reverse starting in Zermatt and finishing in Verbier.  It had the same format with a prologue on the first day followed by 5 stages totalling 360kms"


The prologue was a pretty amazing way to start the race. Each team was set off at one minute intervals from the top of the mountain, descending for 2000 meters to the finish in Zermatt in 23kms.

The five stages that followed ranged from 45 to 90 kms. The route entailed a lot of climbing (all at altitude) and a lot of descending. The main attraction for us is the network of single track we get to race on, which is really varied: flowing, man made and natural, more technically challenging sections and all long and fun.

Unfortunately I was out of sorts for the week and really struggled on the climbs so we did not have the race we hoped for, but despite being disappointed with how I was feeling and not ever being in the race we still had a good time riding the trails, it was just a shame not to be able to race. I hope to return again soon but with racing legs.
October 03, 2016 by James Emery
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