Lawrence Carpenter on wearing Le Col for Catford banks 2017

I've been lucky enough to wear Le Col winter kit as my training kit for the last few years now and with the recent partnership between my new road team Catford Equipe Banks we will also be equipped in Le Col for 2017.

This means now all the cycling kit I will be training and racing in will be Le Col and matching is important, right? Over the years my race team kit has been made by various manufacturers, with mixed success. A repetitive theme with kit is the padding or the chamois is simply not adequate for all the miles I do with little more option than to just put up with it. 


Le Col over the years have managed to fine-tune all the small elements from the positioning and size of the pockets to the ease of undoing the zip whilst on the move. Yanto and the Le Col team have developed their products to such a level that for me other brands simply fall short and leave me un-impressed and uncomfortable to say the least.

It comes down to the small things like the shorts staying place in the perfect position and kit that fits properly without the material bunching up and ruining its aero capabilities.

I look forward to seeing how Le Col have re-designed our race kit for next season, stay tuned for a big launch towards the end of February where all will be revealed
January 06, 2017 by James Emery
Tags: news